InstaZonReview – The Most Powerful Amazon Marketing Suite

InstaZonReview – The Most Powerful Amazon

Marketing Suite

A successful Amazon Seller can pull thousands of dollars per day, do you wish to be a part of that game? The dream will come true today when you open the secret in my InstaZon Review!


Everyone knows Amazon, and so do you. But maybe you do not know that the huge number of registered businesses in that network. It is up to 2 million. Besides, the number of consumers who buy a product through Amazon is countless.

Many of us see the opportunity to bank pocket from it, but most of us have to spend much time, effort, or money on working and utilizing it. Whether you are selling on Amazon or selling its products, you have to build a store and manage it.


Today, in my InstaZon Review, I want to introduce a product as a solution for your Amazon business. It helped me from setting up the store to choosing products and selling them with high profit. In a short time of using, I got the better results and see my business developing day by day. So I will share my experience and you will understand it in detail.

InstaZon Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Firas Alameh et al
  • Product: InstaZon
  • Launch date: 2018 – Sep – 22
  • Launch time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-end Price: $27
  • Website: Sale page
  • Niche: Social Media
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended

What is it?

Can you believe that you can find 7 powerful apps just in one system? InstaZon is such a great product. It will go with you from zero to set up. It guides you on how to build business and rock big commissions every day with Amazon. In fact, it solves you some problems:

  1. Finding hot niches working best on Amazon to sell in
  2. How to drive tons of sales as an affiliate
  3. Setting up profit-earning stores

The Author – Firas Alameh et al

Firas Alameh created some products WP Dev Suite, Konvetio, and Traffic Buddy. Do you know them? Firas Alameh is one of the most successful marketers online as well as software creators. He and his teammates who are also professionals have spent much time and energy to develop InstaZon with the hope to help everyone can be successful in Amazon.

Unique Features of InstaZon

Part 1: 4 Intelligence apps getting you products and niches effortlessly

  • InstaZon Product Wizard: Finding hidden products that rule multiple niches and unlock huge value for you with the least competition
  • InstaZon Search Wizard: Getting the top product in any niche. It will set your price and show you what is coming up and drill through niches
  • InstaZon keywords Wizard: You will get the hot keyword on Amazon, so you know what people are looking for. These keywords will focus on getting organic sales
  • InstaZon Reviews Wizard: InstaZon will check reviews of top selling products and get buyer intent. You will understand their feelings and know what they are interested in. It helps you to a position on the product.

Part 2: 2 fabulous WP Plugins to build Stores

  • InstaZon WP AMZ Store

It allows you to upload and set up WP affiliate store in just 10 minutes. You can pick any niche and fill it with products on 100% autopilot

  • InstaZon WP Product store

It shows related products for any niche and turns blogs or sites into a cash machine

Part 3: Master Seller Training

It is for a newbie to start. This training is so powerful and tells you everything about dominating Amazon both for FBS and affiliate models.

Send your leads to different funnels or opt-in pages based on what answers they gave, giving you ultra-targeted lists and sale

How to Use It?

As you know there is a training course inside the system. Here the author will teach you the strategy to build a business. Everything you need to do is shown there, so you do not have to worry even when you have no skills and experience. Just watch the video and follow it, besides, it also guides you on how to use the available tools to succeed.

Who Should Use It?

  • Bloggers will earn more for the blog via affiliate sales and use blog traffic to drive sales
  • Affiliate marketers get a profit source because Amazon has paid more than any other affiliate program
  • eCom sellers can sell in the biggest eCom platform, so there are more chances to get money
  • Local businesses will grow the business faster following the Amazon growth
  • Digital marketers use InstaZon to adopt Amazon instead of being tired of doing SEO
  • Whether you want to sell on Amazon or sell for it, this product can be your solution when you are a beginner without any skills.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • PROS

  • Run profitable Amazon business
  • Get tools to spot the right chance
  • Scripts to set up the site
  • Detail training
  • No technical skills required
  • CONS

There is no drawback here but you just need to check internet connection before working

Price and Evaluation

The InstaZon Powerpack Elite costs $55, but it is discounted at $24 for five days of launch. You will get all the features I mentioned above. Besides, you can buy the Pro package with more advanced functions. You have to pay $67. If you want Agency pack with the right to use InstaZon as your service, you get it with $97 and $127 for the rebranding. The last choice is the Facebook seller Powerpack with $97. It contains 4 FB Pro SaaS.

Each of them has different benefits and price, so I am sure you can choose the best suitable one. Don’t forget that you have the 30-day money back guarantee. It means that you can ask to take the fund back if you see it is not good for you.

InstaZon Review – Conclusion

At the end of my InstaZon Review, I want to say thank you for reading. In my opinion, InstaZon is an incredible product for all marketers from beginners to experience. You should not ignore it because it will be hard to find such great software. If you are serious about Amazon business, you should take it. I wish you success and good luck!

The World’s Most Powerful Amazon Marketing Powerpack
All You Need To Setup A Super-ProfitableAmazon Business Instantly

Instazon Keyword Wizard Demo

Instazon Keyword Wizard Demo



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