HawkHost Review – The Most Wanted Hosting Service Of All Time 2021

Are you looking for a hosting product provider with fast speed, high uptime, low price, and less affected by cable breaks? Well, you have come to the right place because this HawkHost review is everything you need!

HawkHost Review – Introduction  

The very first thing to discuss when evaluating the quality of Hosting is stability. Stable from data rate to bandwidth. Also, one thing you need to keep in mind is hosting capacity. Depending on the purpose of the Website you choose for yourself an appropriate Hosting package.

You must have a management, care, and maintenance system to avoid technical problems, as well as ensure security.

Hosting must fully support E-mail services such as DNS, POP3 E-mail, …

Hosting must support FTP protocols so you can update information.

One thing that is quite important to the aesthetics is that Hosting is not inserted with banner ads of suppliers.

So how can you find a hosting service provider that meets 100% of these requirements while on the market today has been saturated by countless different hosting service providers?

Don’t worry because now I will introduce you a hosting service provider that you might want to buy right after reading this review – that’s HawkHost – The most prestigious foreign hosting provider so far.

Hawkhost Cheap

What is HawkHost?

In 2004, the original name of HawkHost was Devoted Host. However, the name “HawkHost” was picked up in 2008. This implies HawkHost has amassed about 10 years of involvement in the matter of web hosting, despite the fact that you’d be excused for supposing it was far more youthful.

A half year after the organization’s latest rebranding, it has now turned into a Canadian enterprise.

So far, HawkHost is one of the best hosting providers in the worldwide market. You can know this when searching for HawkHost on Google as many blogs and websites promote HawkHost’s services.

You can also easily find websites that are using hosting services at HawkHost.  HawkHost Review

Regardless of its mind-boggling history, HawkHost is a genuinely standard supplier. The essential goal of it seems to be shared web hosting. It additionally offers affiliate, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting.


Features and Benefits of HawkHost

When it comes to any hosting service provider, we must mention three factors: access speed, stability, and price. So, apart from these 3 factors,

Hawkhost also has other outstanding characteristics that make many other hosting providers out of the market have no chance to beat it?


Ensuring High Uptime Index 

Uptime is always an important indicator when you choose a hosting service. Unfortunately, this parameter is often exaggerated by unreliable hosting companies and when you use hosting for a while, then fall back on hosting that you are using regularly downtime.

So what is HawkHost’s uptime? I am confident that HawkHost has very good uptime up to 99.9% SLA.

100% Stability Guarantee For Users

Another problem that many people when hosting foreign hosting is often concerned that it is stable when accessed from the country, especially when cable breaks occur.

Good news for you: HawkHost is one of the most stable services available today when cable breaks occur. Why is that? Simply put, HawkHost has 7 key locations: Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

With these 7 key locations, no matter where you are in the continent, your website will still have the same speed of access as the domestic website.

Using The No.1 Cache Plugin Of The World

Instead of using Apache server, a well-known software that most hosting services currently use, Hawk Host uses LiteSpeed Enterprise.

So what is the difference between LiteSpeed Server and Apache Server? As for speed, LiteSpeed offers 900% faster speed when displaying static content and 50% when handling PHP requests compared to Apache. In case you use SSL for the website, LiteSpeed still has 3 times faster speed than Apache.

When using LiteSpeed Cache plugin, you will have a solution to speed up the website most effectively today. You should know that: LiteSpeed Cache plugin has now become the best cache plugin but it only works with LiteSpeed web server.

And HawkHost is a provider using this web server.

Supportive Memory Cache System 

Also, Hawkhost will equip you with two popular memory cache systems which are Memcached and Redis. These two systems will definitely improve the speed for websites that need to query databases as much as E-commerce sites. This is due to the way this system cache data on RAM. 

So you will not have to worry about the situation when you are running your e-commerce site and suddenly it gets slow or lag even gets collapsed!

Upgrading To The Latest Default PHP Version

And one last notable point is that HawkHost’s user-friendly cPanel allows you to switch to PHP 7. Unlike other providers, HawkHost supports the latest PHP version.

At the time of this article is PHP 7.1 version. Switching to the latest PHP version is also a way to improve page loading speed. The benefit of utilizing PHP 7.1 contrasted with other PHP versions is the web hosting accounts will presently be up to multiple times quicker under most applications.

This implies lower reaction times and altogether more demands can be taken care of under a similar web hosting account. Moreover, numerous applications like WordPress will never again caution clients that they ought to utilize PHP 7.1 or more up to date.

How Does It Work?

How to work with HawkHost? It works extremely simple. You can work effectively with it even if you don’t have any experience at all.

I think if you are a beginner, you will not need to be too worried because it is really friendly. All you have to do is following this step-by-step instruction: 

Step 1: Visit Hawkhost.com to choose the appropriate hosting package and click on the “sign up now” button.

Step 2: At the next screen, you will be asked to select the domain name. You select the 3rd option – I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

Step 3: Choose the time to buy hosting and location to speed up to where you live and use HawkHost’s hosting service to be the most optimal.

Step 4: Review & Checkout.

Step 5: After successful login, select Services -> My Services. In the Dashboard screen, you will see the hosting package that you purchased in the Pending state (pending approval).

Step 6: Once the account is activated, you will receive mail from Hawk Host under the heading “New Account Information”.

Step 7: Start utilizing HawkHost for the best results.

So, is the hosting process of HawkHost confusing? I guess not!

Who Should You Buy It?

With the above-mentioned superior features from HawkHost, I believe that not only entrepreneurs in any market but also large corporations will trust and use HawkHost in the long term. HawkHost is a must-have for everyone especially:

  • Online Businesses
  • All Kind of Marketers
  • E-Commerce Website owners
  • Product Promoters
  • Digital Freelancers
  • IT Corporations
  • Others

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • LiteSpeed Server, superior to Apache Server
  • Using Memcached and Redis helps reduce database query time.
  • Daily backup with R1 Soft reduces the worry of losing important data
  • Let’s Encrypt the free SSL of Let’s Encrypt
  • Allow upgrading to the latest PHP version to improve website speed.
  • Tow price comes with high quality using SSD hard drive


At this point, I haven’t discovered any disadvantages of Rapid Traffic Suite.

Price and Evaluation

Up to the present time, HawkHost is the best-priced hosting service. You must be wondering about HawkHost’s price, right?

With HawkHost, you have many choices in terms of price. There will be 2 packages when you use HawkHost with 2 rates as well as 2 different discount codes when renewing the packages:

  1. Primary package: $2.99/month
  2. Professional package: $7.99/month

I recommend using the first 40% discount code (renewing the price to normal) or 30% lifetime (when the price extension is the same). The longer you register, the lower the price!

Thus, it costs less than $2 per month for an SSD host package to limit storage. The price plus features and quality that HawkHost offers is really hard for other shared host providers to beat. Even if you register for a year with a 40% discount code, HawkHost’s price is still very good compared to the common ground.


buy now


HawkHost Review – Conclusion

After reading my review of HawkHost, what makes you most concerned about this product? Is it a price problem? Or the speed uptime is not enough to make you feel satisfied? Are you sure you want to use this product at the present time?

Whatever the reason, you can absolutely use this product within 30 days and if you feel that this is not the most used product today, you can absolutely get your money back.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my review of this unique hosting product. Goodbye and see you again!

HawkHost Review thanks you. 




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